Elk Grove-Cosumnes Cemetery District

District Information

Appointed Trustees -
Chairman: David Lema
Vice Chairman: Nan Mahon
Trustees: Dennis Buscher, Phillip Stark, Steve Weaver

Staff  -
District Manager: Jonathan Lambdin
District Secretary: Debra L. Gale
Sales/Clerk to Board: Alix Cote'
Groundskeepers: Josh Carpenter and Ron Beck

Monthly Meeting Agendas and Minutes

District Board Meetings are held the second Thursday of every month. Each meeting commences at 3pm at the District Office located at
8540 Elk Grove Boulevard. Any change in date or time will be previously posted in that month's agenda.
2017 - 
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Background on Special Districts

Independent special cemetery districts are sanctioned under California 
law for the performance of local government functions within specified 
boundaries. There is a clear identification between agency name and 
services provided, which has resulted in a high level of accountability 
and responsibility to the public, and a high degree of customer satisfaction.


Independent special districts are separate, local agencies, created by 
local popular election. Independent special districts are directly 
accountable to their constituents, not another layer of government.

Who Runs the Districts

Special Districts are governed by boards of trustees appointed for a fixed term and are directly accountable to the public. The trustees are members of the communities they serve and must reside or own property within 
their district. Board Meetings are held 2nd Thursday of each month
3:00 p.m. at the District Office. Public is invited and welcome.

      Endowment Care Fund

Funds collected from cemetery property purchases are placed in a trust, with Sacramento County, for the maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery.  The state monitors the fund and establishes the minimum amount that must be collected.  The cemetery is permitted to collect more than the minimum to build the fund.  Only the interest earned by such funds may be used for the care and maintenance of the cemetery.